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Selected Recent Publications

Turner, R. L., Reese-Melancon, C., Harrington, E. E., & Andreo, M. (accepted). Caregiving during the COVID-19 pandemic: Factors associated with feelings of preparedness. Journal of Applied Gerontology.

Harrington. E. E., Reese-Melancon, C., & Bock, J. E. (2023). Sometimes they show, sometimes they don’t: Appointment attendance as a naturalistic prospective memory task. Applied Cognitive Psychology, 37, 590-599.

Harrington, E.E., Reese-Melancon, C. (2022) Who is Responsible for Remembering? Everyday Prospective Memory Demands in Parenthood. Sex Roles, 86, 189–207. 

Reese-Melancon, C., Cherry, K.E., & Harrington, E. (2021). The Knowledge of Memory Aging Questionnaire. In V. Preedy’s (Ed.) The Neuroscience of Aging, Elsevier.

Reese-Melancon, Harrington, E. E., & Kytola, K. (2019). How did I remember to do that? Self-reported strategy use for laboratory prospective memory tasks. Memory, 27, 1224-1235. 

Kominsky, T.K., & Reese-Melancon, C. (2017). The effects of context expectation on younger and older adults’ prospective memory performance. Memory, 25, 122-131.

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